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What is Mailgun?

To send emails on your behalf we use Mailgun. Mailgun is like Gmail but instead of using a website interface we can send emails with code so you don’t have to do any manual work. You can sign up for Mailgun here. It’s free and takes 57 seconds. Lastly, Mailgun allows us to track information such as email opens and clicks which powers the reports we generate for you to access the performance of your campaigns.

How do I set up Mailgun?

You can sign up for Mailgun here. They provide instructions to help you at every step. According to their website “It’s free and takes 57 seconds”. We would put it more around 10 minutes and you’ll probably have to grab a technical person to help you out. It’s a one time cost and then you’ll be ready to go. Don’t have anyone to help you get going? Feel free to reach out to us here.

Do I need to add a sub-domain for sending emails?

You want to add a subdomain such as youremail@mg.domain.com to ensure your emailing reputation is unaffected for other sub-domains. mg.domain.com has a separate reputation than domain.com. This protects you in case you have a campaign where you happen to use language marked as Spam or your emails are not opened. (Both of these cases cause your email reputation to go down.) 

How do I add a domain or sub-domain to Mailgun?

To add a domain, you can follow Mailgun’s instructions here.

How do I find my Mailgun API key?

To find your Mailgun API key, checkout their FAQ page about it here.

What should the TTL value be?

TTL controls how long it takes to change the setting you are modifying. We recommend 300 TTL, which equates to 5 minutes. This will mean if you make a mistake, it only takes 5 minutes to fix it.

What should the From email, BCC email, Mailgun domain be?

– From email: the email you are sending from. 

– Mailgun domain: this should be the domain from which your emails are sent, such as me@mg.domain.com.

– BCC email: anyone you want to get a copy of all the outgoing emails, this is invisible to the recipient.

How does the email template substitution work?

Template sentences such as {Subject} will be replaced with the best working subjects that you predefine on the right in the “Edit Email” screen. If you just started a campaign and there is no past information available, it will be performed at random to start. As you gather more and more information, the winning combination of subject and senteces will be used as often as 90% of the time.

How does starting/pausing a campaign work?

When you start a campaign, it will begin sending emails to leads on the days you’ve specified at the time you specified. This will keep going until you exhaust your total budget. If you pause a campaign, you will no longer be charged and email won’t be sent any more.

Do BCC and FROM work with multiple email addresses?

You can only have one FROM account as that’s the account from which the email is sent.

You can however have multiple BCC accounts by using a comma between them such as person1@mail.com, person2@mail.com


How do I cancel my account?

Your account will not be charged unless you have a campaign running with remaining Total Budget. If you’d like to delete your account for whatever reason, you will lose all of your reports from previous campaigns. If for some reason you’d like to do this, please contact us and we’ll manually perform the delete.

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